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Our Solutions

Otomatis - Chat Automation

Unlock new connection channel to your customer, via Chat. This Automation enable your business to serve your customer 24/7. With the help of our Chatbot which deeply understand Bahasa Indonesia, your customer will be responded truly fast & very precise.

Also, benefit the first Chatbot in Indonesia which serves customers through the whole shopping journey.

Serve customer faster

Provide 24/7 Service

Scale Customer Operation

Implikasi - Data Integration

Integrating all business automation with the most frequently used application/service in Indonesia. Chatting interaction on top of most popular chatting platform in Indonesia, i.e. WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram, etc.

Our automation provides your customer with their beloved Payment and Shipping method. Supporting their shopping journey using GoPay, Grab, Bank Transfer, Bank VA, JNE, JNT, etc.

Integrated to Popular Chatting Platforms

Complete Payment Method

Easy shipping with Logistic Integrations

Klasifikasi - Customer Insights

Analyze all Automation performance for experience improvement.

Get to know more about your customer using our AI-Language Data Model Classification. Uncover all improvement potentials to serve your customer better.

Uncover Customer Insights

Uncover Improvement Potentials

Fondasi - Human Operation

Omnichannel Platform for your Customer Support Team.

Serving best experience to your customer using hybrid BOT-human interaction. Sometime, chatbot cant handle specific/complex problem solving. Fondasi enables your customer to connect with human agent right away.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

More Effective Customer Support Process

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Start Serving your Customer with an Amazing Chat Experience

Integrated Channels

Featured by Local and International Media

"Salah satu keunggulan adalah penguasaan frasa bahasa Indonesia yang sangat luas, bahkan hingga kosakata slang atau bahasa gaul."

-Koran Tempo, November 2018